Julie Locke
Keller Williams


Julie Locke, is a full service, results driven international realtor who brings a wealth of skill and expertise to all of her valued high end clients. She is known as much for her ability to uncover exquisite real estate properties as she is to her attentiveness to busy clients individual needs and expectations. Due to her knowledge of valuable inventory and up and coming developments, Locke is able to chart real estate trends and fluctuations in a way that creates lucrative opportunities for her clients. Locke's business transactions possess her keen ability for instinctive forecasting of sales trends along with her absolute integrity and financial transparency in any real estate transaction. She is fair minded and hard driving in her ability to negotiate all top notch property contacts in the most competitive region on Orange County. With an eye for the critical fine print that helps make clients investment of time and money a rich and rewarding experience.

Locke is a highly trained at devising a strategic plan with her customized and targeted business approach for a diverse client base who share a refined eye for unique and often one- of- a- kind properties that are also a solid investment. Locke, a world traveler in her own right, has lived in England, Paris, New York and now in southern California's version of the "French Riviera", she innately knows what her clients expect with her bespoke brand of British concierge service. Julie is a refined yet tenacious negotiator on both sides of any property transaction. She knows the hectic pace of a foreign client wish list and exacting specifications and personal requests and she delivers with focus and perseverance by her commitment to building long term relationships with her clients. As Julie always says, "It's always about the client and what they need. Exceptional service is exceptional business."


Additional Services

Julie can provide staging consultations and services to help your property show in the best possible light for media coverage and showings. Please visit The Open House Boutique for visual examples of what can be accomplished.

Julie also styles homes with existing pieces as needed. 

She has an extensive vendor list, ranging from cleaning the home to completely revamping the home, depending on the sellers' needs.